“RaVaughn – Best Friend (Official Video)” on YouTube

Soooooo getting my Artist radio on via Spotify and this song comes on… First it was background noise then that chorus dropped… Somebody got ahold of my journal… Sigh… I wanna share this everywhere but I am not trying to be that messy… *tear stains on my pillows*

Sick of Kisses Boo boos

I’m 33.  It doesnt mean I’m old or I have experienced all life has to offer.  To some I have had an easy life (I would even agree), but the obstacles that have been placed before me hasn’t always been the easiest to figure out.   What I have figured out is I am tired of pushing my feelings aside to make others feel better.  I am not running after you if you have a problem but dont tell me.  I can’t provide a resolution to a problem I don’t know about.  I can’t believe I opened my heart stripped down all my ways was completely vulnerable and you still turned away from me.  I am tired of loving.  I am really trying not to turn cold.  I know I can’t move to another planet. BUT PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!! !!

Soul Ties

Out of all the ties that I have established it is just one that I am having the hardest time letting go. How after all this time I seem to be fighting to be seen? How can you walk around like there is really nothing between us? I have to let this go. Am I bound? How deep am I wrapped? Thats it.. I feel like I am letting go and hopefully I am actually unraveling this tie… I feel hopeful. I see things turning but then it seems I am back in the same place going through the same thing then I turn again and back in the same place again… that is it… Its turning around for me but I have been so bound that I have to keep focused and keep turning until I see with new eyes. EEEK Hope I don’t get too dizzy with this spinning…