Love Tank on E

you fed my emotions… touched feelings that i did not know existed… pulling me out of a darkness that my mind placed me in.. . you made me believe that I was beautiful.. reminding me that this creation that was produced through my parents by God… is a masterpiece…and I am no mistake…  that I was worth more than gold… worth more than the rarest gem.. made me feel like I found the one that would understand me… the one that would truly appreciate my gifts and talents… my love…. Told me that I should never allow anyone to undermine me in anyway…  However, you were the one to snatch it away… you left me… you lied to me.. you made me feel like the perfect image is not so perfect.. that I am worthless.. thanks for adding to my scars.. thanks for shattering what was left of my heart… thanks for leaving me all by myself…

Sick of Kisses Boo boos

I’m 33.  It doesnt mean I’m old or I have experienced all life has to offer.  To some I have had an easy life (I would even agree), but the obstacles that have been placed before me hasn’t always been the easiest to figure out.   What I have figured out is I am tired of pushing my feelings aside to make others feel better.  I am not running after you if you have a problem but dont tell me.  I can’t provide a resolution to a problem I don’t know about.  I can’t believe I opened my heart stripped down all my ways was completely vulnerable and you still turned away from me.  I am tired of loving.  I am really trying not to turn cold.  I know I can’t move to another planet. BUT PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!! !!