Go ahead and say it.  “Well, he wasn’t good enough for you anyway!” Or “they’re better fish in the sea” Yeah I dont want to hear that.

The inevitable has happen.  It is finally out.  The guy I like knows I actually like him… and he does not like me.  Of course.  Folks will begin to listen to me one day.  I told them I was in the friend zone.  I am so far in the friend zone I am @ the “you’re like my sister” door.

Now here is the awkward part.  How do you act after this information has been delivered?  Can you really still be friends? Do you toss everything out the window?

We have so many connections that we will always see each other.  Hell I feel like my brother was dating him for a minute… they would meet at the bar to have a beer… go to each other’s house to watch the game… talk about chicks and music and work… he got more play than I did and I had the crush for…
…. … … way too long.. (we’ll leave it at that)

I dont believe I have had an issue in the past in remaining friends or going back to being platonic when a relationship doesn’t work out in a particular scenario;  but I don’t know how he is.  I was trying to get to know him through my wonderful observation period (silent treatment).  I failed.  Maybe I was too quiet.  It could have been I’m not his type.  *shrug*

In my head he was already married and cheating on his wife that had six of his babies.  You know so I can sleep better at night thinking I dodged a bullet.